Scout Your Opponents More Efficiently & Intelligently.


Connect Recon Sports to your current video platform and we convert your film data into dynamic visuals.


Recon Sports allows you to decrease the amount of time spent watching film by providing dynamic visuals for you and your players to review.

be more prepared

Our software allows you to increase the amount of time spent planning, preparing, and adjusting for your next opponent.

WHY Recon Sports?

Success Starts Here

WITHOUT Recon Sports

  • Manually tag Strong/Weak, Personnel Sets & more...
  • Watch and re-watch film to find key insights & tendencies
  • Visualize the game with basic charts & bar graphs
  • Limited data filters and customization options
  • Players limited to film sessions and basic visuals

WITH Recon Sports

  • Automated Field Boundary, Strong Weak, and Personnel Sets
  • Field Simulation Dashboards for Run, Pass, and Field Zone
  • Save multiple hours per week for players and coaches.
  • Easily add multiple filters to create custom situations
  • Recognize key tendencies and insights in minutes

Create a Custom Schedule

Create opponents and add game dates in order to populate your schedule. You will connect your data file to each opponent and our software will automatically populate your scouting dashboards.

The Pass Zone Chart

Our pass zone chart allows you to analyze the completion percentages, targets and more within each pass zone. Filter by player, formation play type, field position, down and more.

The Run Zone Chart

Our run zone chart allows you to analyze the run gap tendencies and more within each run gap. Filter by player, backfield formation play type, previous play type, down and more.

The Field Zone Chart

Our field zone chart allows you to analyze the your opponents tendencies based on the field position. This reports can be viewed by play or by formation.

Integrates with Hudl

We took Hudl’s great video platform and combined it with intuitive technology; turning statistics into interactive and intelligent reports. What used to be 20+ hours of prep time can now be done with the click of a button with Recon Sports. 

In only seconds, our system can take the information from Hudl and organize it in a way that is easy for your staff and players to understand. What used to take hours of manual labor can be done in seconds with Recon Sports. 

More Efficient Preparation

With our system, all film is tagged and intelligent reports are populated. Coaches are now able to easily recognize those key insights instead of searching for them, saving both time and energy. 

Coaches can be significantly more prepared by having adequate time and resources to devise an effective game plan.

Improve Player Retention

Today’s student-athletes have countless distractions between their schoolwork, family obligations and social life. It can be a tall task to ask players to watch film during their free time which puts you at a disadvantage.

We provide players eye-catching and easy to understand visuals that allow them to understand and conceptualize their upcoming opponents.



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Our VIP Program demos our product to you commitment free alongside an Early Bird pricing for the 2022 season. We also will provide white glove support and direct communication from our founder. Win the game before you take the field with Recon Sports”

Recon Sports was founded on the principles of prepping the Football Coach with the best intelligence in order to be prepared to win every game. Our founder, Daniel Davis a current Lieutenant in the US Army and West Point Football Grad started this company out of necessity. We turn data into decisions. No more guessing on your players or plays. With our proprietary solution, we are able to provide you with the information that you need to be prepared for a game every time. Recon Sports is proud to be a US Veteran Owned Business.

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